Property Maintenance

Financial management
Financial management is one of the important aspects of property management. 
Natam Management has extensive experience in this field and offers its clients a wide range of financial services, such as an account management and supplier payment setup, operation of a computerized setup for charging clients and collection, issuing statements and balance sheets and ongoing reports to property owners. Natam Management’s financial and collection staff provides ongoing service to each and every building.
Maintenance Manager
Natam Management places a maintenance manager in each building it manages. Natam Management’s maintenance managers are experienced professionals with professional certification, who have extensive knowledge in building and systems maintenance. 
The maintenance manager is responsible for handling all of the calls and liaising with the management company. He is also responsible to perform all of the maintenance operations in the building and its systems. 
The maintenance manager is able to call service professionals, at any time needed. The maintenance manager is equipped with means of communications to be “on call” all day, every day. 
Maintenance of Structural Systems
Natam Management provides quality and readily available solutions in all of the following fields: ongoing maintenance, preventive maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and security services, conservation and efficiency examinations for energy systems, renovations and improvements, communal area insurance, etc.
Maintenance of Electromechanical Systems
High level maintenance of the electromechanical systems constitutes an important and critical factor in the proper building management. Natam Management attends to the ongoing maintenance of the electromechanical systems in the buildings it manages. 
To this end, the Company has at its disposal a team of managers, including systems engineers, who are responsible for overseeing the service to the systems, safety engineers and a wide range of additional “hand picked” professionals. 
Maintenance of Emergency Systems
As part of handling the ongoing maintenance of the various systems of the building, Natam Management also attends to the ongoing maintenance of the building’s emergency systems, including fire detection and extinguishing systems, portable fire extinguishing equipment, sprinklers, hydrant systems, generators, pumps, etc.
Security Services
Natam Management provides security services to the buildings it manages, through sub-contractors. The scope of such services is determined based on the needs of the building and the owners’ requirements. 
The guards that are placed at the buildings are trained and briefed, are equipped with the necessary equipment to perform their tasks and possess all necessary permits and Ministry of Interior licenses to carry weapons. 
Service Call Center
Natam Management is responsible for the availability of service providers and its management team to respond to ongoing or urgent matters that arise from time to time. Our Company uses the services of a 24-hour service call center that has lists of contact people who can be reached “after-hours” (expert employees of the Management Company).
Cleaning Services
A property’s cleanliness and esthetics is of utmost important for maintaining the building’s reputation and value. Natam Management provides cleaning services to the buildings in manages, through sub-contractors. The scope of such services and the allocation of manpower are determined based on the needs and type of the building – office space, commercial and retail, luxury residence or industry - and in accordance with the owners’ requirements.
Unit Maintenance Services
Natam Management provides unit maintenance services, including light repairs and maintenance inside the leased premises, including repairs for electricity and accessories, plumbing repairs, dismantling and building of modular divisions, arranging and preparing conference rooms, locksmith, windows, etc.
Fitness Room Operation
Natam manages fitness centers and swimming pools in its buildings.
Gardening Services
Natam Management provides quality gardening services to the buildings it manages, through sub-contractors. The Company diligently maintains high standards with respect to the appearance and the design of the garden areas. The scope of the gardening services is determined based on the needs of the building and in accordance with the owners’ requirements.
Working with the Authorities
Natam Management has extensive experience handling matters with local authorities such as Arnona (municipal taxes) for public and parking areas, sign-postings, water, fire extinguishing, sewage etc., and puts this experience to work for its clients.
Structure Insurance
As a company that manages approximately 600,000 square meters, nationwide, we manage insurance portfolios of very large scopes. Therefore we are able to make front rank insurance advisors available to our property owners, and to obtain insurance coverage for buildings we manage at preferential terms. The insurance policy is customized to the needs of the structure and in accordance with the requirements of the property owners. 
Safety Advisor
Natam Management has a very experienced safety advisor, who works with the Company with respect to all of the buildings managed by the Company. The safety advisor is responsible for planning and performing emergency and routine preparatory drill, in all of the buildings, and also advises Natam Management on all matters associated with safety and security. 
Legal Services
Natam Management provides various legal services, such as claims against parties refusing to pay, lease extensions and managing and handling non-conforming use of communal property.