Management Services

Our Company provides financial and physical management services to approximately 600,000 square meters of office space, commercial and retail centers, industrial buildings and luxury residential properties, nationwide. Reliability and uncompromised professional service and management are the foundations upon which the Company manages all of the buildings in our care. Our company works in accordance with proper working procedures, while attending to proper care of our clients, and in compliance with the “ISO 9002” standards. 

Natam provides maintenance services for all systems of the building
As the owners’ representatives, Natam Management provides lease management services that include rent collection,monitoring existing lease agreements, negotiating lease extensions, preparing contracts with new or existing tenants.
Natam Management advises Developers during all the planning and building stages of the project. As part of the advice provided to the clients during the planning and building stages
As part of our role as property managers, Natam Management provides active support in marketing the building, through Natam Management’s marketing staff.